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Let us provide your business with custom application software for Windows, DOS, QNX or Unix operating systems. All software is written in tightly written and modularized C/C++ code.

For example (not up to date) :
  • Barcode system for automotive industry labelling (AIAG) requirements (Corry Rubber Corporation)
  • Banbury Mixer data acquisition and analysis software (Corry Rubber Corporation)
  • EDI communications interface (EDIFACT) for automotive JIT shipments to ERP system (Corry Rubber Corporation)
  • Project Management tool for tracking all manhours, resources and project milestones associated with projects eligible for CRA SR&ED credits (LANXESS Inc.)
  • Management System for compound formulations and test results (LANXESS Inc.)
  • Barcode Inventory Management System (JMS Warehousing Inc.)
  • Electronic Take-a-Number display and verbal annunciator with scrolling information banner and dual counters (The Inn of the Good Shepherd - all time/materials donated)
  • ODBC2TCP - Windows system service and associated client libraries to accept secure connections (TWOFISH 256-bit symmetric cipher) from a web server process and access customer backend database directly - used for pushing online donations directly into Sage Fundraising software (Breast Cancer Society of Canada).

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