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PlanetDNS™ Dynamic DNS Service
PlanetDNS Client PlanetDNS provides products and services that enable you to host your own web server, e-mail server, FTP server and more, using your own computer and your existing Internet connection.

Our reliable and inexpensive Dynamic DNS services conveniently provide you with the equivalent of a static IP address, at a fraction of the cost. Best of all, our services are compatible with all available Internet connection technologies, including cable, DSL, wireless, satellite, ISDN, and dial-up.

With our award-winning and easy-to-use PlanetDNS Client software, you can quickly create and manage your Internet name and domain names, and enable built-in features, such as Web Port Redirection (HTTP Port Redirection), Mail Store & Forward, Mail Forwarding, Mail Port Redirection (SMTP Port Redirection), SPAM filtering and Virus scanning, all at no additional cost.

PlanetDNS™ Client
PlanetDNS Client is an application that allows you to expand the capabilities of your computer to include an Internet server function. Using this software, you'll be able to create an Internet name (domain name) for your computer that remains constantly linked to your current IP address. You can choose your own domain name, which you and others on the Internet can use to connect to any type of server running on your computer, including a web server, FTP server, mail server, photo server and game server.

For more information on PlanetDNS services, please visit the PlanetDNS website.

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